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Rod Hutchins joins the show to talk about his miraculous recovery from pain and his chronic battle with muscular dystrophy and exercise-induced pulmonary hypertension. On his website, rodhutchins.com, he also details the miraculous recovery he experienced because of body thermo-regulation treatments he received:

Local athlete Rod Hutchins is overcoming his own physical challenges to compete at his own pace.

Last year, the Directors of the Great Snake River Triathlon honored Hutchins for finishing the Olympic Level Triathlon through his work in physical therapy. This year, he was honored once again, and he was almost unrecognizable.

Rod use to live on oxygen 24/7 and was unable to move without the assistance of a cane. Since last year he’s gone through 5 surgeries.

Rod is most excited about his incredible recovery after meeting two European Health Professionals. Hutchins traveled to Houston, Texas, invited by friend and Holistic Health Practitioner, Kathleen S. McGowan to meet with her Slovenian, EU colleagues; Integrated Body Thermo-Regulation Health Specialists, Professor Igor Ogorevc and Professor Irma Ogorevc. 

Rod attributes his recovery to their work.

“My health has not been better in probably 25 years than it is now, since my 6 days of the Professor’s POH treatment.”