Neal interviews U.S. Senator Jim Risch who says the Senate is working on getting airplanes into the Ukraine immediately, but the Pentagon is pushing back. “The pentagon has got all kinds of reasons why they can’t do it and there’s 100 senators that want to see it done,” said Risch.

Later in the program, Neal and Julie welcome Bill from Wealth of Health to the show. Bill translates (time mark 50:24) for the Ukrainian family that Will Kezele is transporting to Croatia. Lubov is fleeing with her daughter Poliana (10). The family’s father and brother (27) are left fighting in Ukraine. The interview offers a window into this family’s harrowing experience. Lubov and Poliana demonstrate strength in their trial and gratitude for all who offer help and warmth. To send prayers and donations for transporting more families, go to sandhillrescue.com