Neal’s new book Cerebellix doing well because of our listeners. On Amazon, it is top 10 in dystopian fiction new releases, top 30 of political fiction new releases, and almost top 100 overall. It is available on e-book and paperback. The senate pushes back against vaccine rules with legislation that still has to pass the House and faces presidential veto, but it is our duty to push back. Neal says, “We must pass laws even if they face an uncertain future.” Neal and Julie discuss how Fauci is an unelected bureaucrat who says he will allow us to have holiday gathering if we are vaccinated. Neal reminds listeners that government authority comes from the ability to enforce regulations and Fauci does not have authority unless we lend him authority and go along with it. Julie mentions that Good Morning America is doing a piece at an elementary school in Idaho Falls and the school sent a note home for children to wear masks on camera day and her thoughts. Neal and Julie play Let’s Pretend to be Jen Psaki.