Can’t get enough of Neal and Julie? They now have podcasts outside of the Neal Larson Show where they share riveting human interest stories.

Neal’s new podcast is called The Extra! Podcast. In the sample he shares on today’s show, he interviews Jeff and Joyce Underwood of Pocatello. They talk about how they overcame the harrowing experience of their daughter, Jeralee, being kidnapped and murdered. A brief but graphic description of the crime is given at the very beginning of the podcast, but the episode focuses on overcoming and how the Underwoods found their strength.

Alex Kepas and Julie Mason are the hosts of the new We Share podcast. In the episode previewed today, they interview Ramina Wilkerson, who discusses her new book, “Walking in the Shadow’. It’s her real-life story about living under the oppressive and terroristic regime of Saddam Hussein as a young girl and how she and her family escaped to begin anew in America.