Text novel to 208-542-1079 to read the 1st Chapter of Neal’s new book “Cerebellix” for free. Neal talks about Chris Wallace’s farewell from Fox News and speculates what he might be doing in the future. Neal talks about “Trump-deranged” pundits, questions what journalism is today, and speculates that Biden’s approval ratings are so low because people got accustomed to a good economy and policy even if they didn’t like Trump. Neal and Julie discuss Charlie Ragle, who is ISU’s new head football coach who hopes to turn around a struggling program. They discuss how family members demanding masking and shots might affect holiday gatherings. Neal postulates that Covid virtue signaling is becoming like a new religion and that it may lead to cultural tribalism. Neal gives the example of some German schools making a public spectacle of school children’s vaccination status. People with Omicron are presenting mild symptoms and it is less deadly, but journalists are trying to maximize the concern. Neal and Julie talk about traveling with covid regulations.