Neal opens the 8 o’clock hour by mentioning the runoff elections in Blackfoot and Pocatello happening today (Nov. 30) Neal and Julie encourage people to vote. He talks about Sen. Tom Cotton joining Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in saying that Fauci needs to be investigated for lying to congress about gain of function research. A Federal Judge in Missouri ordered a stay on the CMS vaccine mandate in the 10 states that brought the lawsuit until the case can be heard. The states include Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Julie brings the news that bill HR 4350 that continues spending for national defense has an amendment that young women would be required to register for selective service just like young men. Idaho’s Congressman were split on the vote. Fulcher voted against the bill while Simpson voted in favor of it. The senate is working on their version and more work needed before the bill becomes law. Neal and Julie talk about how Pres. Biden calls for calm regarding new variants while at the same time stirring the pot. Neal and Julie advocate a “live your life” philosophy.