Israel is at war after Hamas launched a brutal surprise attack on a music festival and nine cities on Saturday, killing at least 1100 civilians; many women, children and elderly. Rape, pillage and kidnapping were hallmarks of the attack, which did not have military targets, but was terroristic in nature. Hamas bragged that it was supported by Iran, which just had $6 billion in funds unfrozen by the Biden Administration.

Left-wing members of the U.S. congress make antisemitic remarks, Secretary of State Blinken seemed to ask Israel not to defend itself, calling for a cease-fire, while Pres. Biden remains silent. Kevin McCarthy speaks strongly in favor of standing with Israel and resupplying Israel so they will never be overwhelmed by Palestinian rockets, expanding the Abraham Accords, reinstating a maximum pressure campaign against Iran, and cutting off U.S. enemy wealth with sanctions and increased U.S. oil production. He asks why our intelligence says they were unaware of Hamas’ planned attack.