Senator Risch on bureaucratic slowdown and immigration.
Bridgette Gabriel, terrorism expert and author on global Islamic terrorism. She said that on September 21 there were 76 terrorists arrested at the southern boarder. Her website on boarder security is actforamerica.org with a petition “stop the invasion“.
Dan Stein, President of Federation for American Immigration Reform. The immigration structure is no longer functioning and the law is not respected or upheld by the Biden administration.
Diamond and Silk are video bloggers who speak on social issues and advocate for stronger boarders. They advocate the idea that illegal immigration has a strongly adverse affect on the black community and American citizens and industries in general.
Fred and Peggy Davis are Arizona ranchers on the southern boarder. They say the only way to get across the boarder is through the Mexican Cartel. Their area has dozens of illegals come through daily, with high speed chases and the Cartel victimizing residents.
John and JoBeth Ladd are are embattled on their Arizona ranch because of the open boarders. There are at least 100 illegal immigrants per day caught on their ranch under the Biden Administrtion. When Trump was in office, the traffic was a lot less, with 6 illegal immigrants per month on their ranch. JoBeth warns the immigrants are moving north. Two thirds of boarder agents are now detailed to different areas, leaving few agents to patrol the boarder.
Sherriff Kieran Donahue of Canyon County, Idaho warns against the fentanyl coming through the southern U.S. boarder. He says it is manufactured by the Mexican Cartel with ingredients from China and very deadly. New rainbow colored pills are being used to entice children to use the drug. This week 4000 fentanyl pills were confiscated in Idaho. There is little to no response from the Biden Administration.