(STATEWIDE)–Neal Larson and Julie Mason interview Gov. Brad Little about the special legislative session. The recessed session was resumed by the legislature primarily to address bills introduced that are intended to protect individuals’ rights to work regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. Twenty-nine bills were submitted to be vetted by the legislature.

Gov. Little shares his opinion that vaccines administered in schools without parental consent would be a violation of parental rights and emphasizes that recommended school vaccines in Idaho usually take about 10 years to get on the recommended list, but there are no mandates for any vaccines to attend school in Idaho. Little said that when it comes to INL employees being required to get vaccinated, that indirect federal contractors fall under federal mandate but he believes one of the lawsuits Idaho is bringing against the Biden Administration addresses that.

When asked about how he is approaching the election, Gov. Little said he will just keep doing the work of the people. Julie and Neal ask the Governor if he will inform Lt. Gov. McGeachin if he plans to leave the state because he stopped doing so after she stepped in to make mandates while he was away. Little said that he will notify her according to the Idaho constitution if he will be incapacitated or unavailable.