The SHARE! High School Exchange Program is inviting families to host one of their bright and energetic international exchange students during the upcoming school year.

These students will be traveling thousands of miles to participate in the opportunity to attend an American High School and learn about American culture.

“The SHARE! High School Exchange Program is cultural exchange at its very best– people to people and heart to heart,” SHARE! said in a press release.

The exchange students will arrive in August to attend high school during the 2021-2022 school year. These students speak English when they arrive and are academically prepared for the coming school year. Every student is between the ages of 15 and 18.

“The exchange students need to be matched with families soon so they can communicate and begin developing a relationship with their American host family during the next few months,” said Tracy Barney, the Area Coordinator at SHARE!. “It is important for exchange students to experience our way of life so they learn about American home life and customs- not just what they see on foreign television and in the movies. Hosting an exchange student is a way to share what’s special about America and to gain an international friend.”

Nontraditional families, such as those headed by a single parent or those without children at home, are welcome to host as well. Host Families are volunteers and receive no payment.

For more information call Tracy Barney at (208)881-4341 or visit the website.