Dr. James Lindsay wrote 20 hoax papers on woke subjects that were peer reviewed and published. The exercise was meant to demonstrate the leftist bias in academic peer reviewed journals. Dr. Lindsay concluded that “if you show their political biases back to them, they’ll publish it” without subjecting the material to rigorous academic or scientific standards. Seven were accepted and published, and one paper won an award before the New York Times caught wind of what happening and outed the hoax.

Dr. Lindsay also talks about how wokeism is a contrived American cultural revolution that carbon copies much of Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution that took over China for the Chinese Communist Party. Dylan Mulvaney is an example of the left trying to ram woke values down the public’s throat and then shame and demonize those who don’t swallow it.

When asked what he thought about representatives in the Idaho Legislature who compared keeping porn away from kids to ‘book burning’ he said, “Either they have some kind of a deal or they don’t understand the issue” and that breaking down the barriers in children’s minds to sexual material is intended to open their minds to the values of queer theory that tears apart the family. This allows communism to take root by demolishing regular social structures.

Dr. Lindsay will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Bonneville County GOP Galla at Melaleuca headquarters on Saturday, April 15.