Just prior to announcing his candidacy for Legislative District 32, Sean Coletti — currently the mayor of Ammon — abruptly deleted his X (formerly Twitter) account. Anytime political candidates try to make unavailable a repository of their own political thought, it gets our attention.

We were able to retrieve much of his social media activity through an online archive, and are sharing it with you here.

We’ve been quietly following Mayor Coletti’s social media for several years. At times, his political positions seemed in direct odds with his solidly conservative constituency. Coletti repeatedly advocated for increased gun measures. The candidate supported teaching Critical Race Theory in public education. He defended Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s proposal to implement a per-mile tax on all private citizens’ travels. Dozens of his tweets ridiculed Donald Trump. Some sang the praises of Liz Cheney and the importance of the January 6th hearings. He defended Anthony Fauci from criticism by Congressional GOP lawmakers.

Locally, Coletti has been among the most vocal advocates for Alaska-style ranked choice voting. Furthermore, he has teamed up with Luke Mayville’s Reclaim Idaho to help pass a voter initiative that would both eliminate Idaho’s traditional party primary and dismantle our current general election process, replacing it with ranked choice voting.

Directly relevant to his desire to win the Republican nomination for LD32B, Coletti — ironically — repeatedly castigated the two-party system.  But, as you’ll see in his Twitter collection below, his most pointed hostility was reserved for the GOP, especially MAGA-affiliated republicans. Even calling the GOP his “former party” and touting his own exit from the partisan ranks, Coletti now seeks the Republican nomination in an effort to dethrone incumbent representative Wendy Horman.

Newstalk 107.9 has repeatedly reached out to Coletti for a live interview. After our third attempt, he responded and respectfully declined.

We have interviewed both of his opponents to understand their political philosophies. We believe you should know candidate Coletti’s as well.

Hundreds of Sean Coletti’s archived social media posts are categorized below.