Bryanna Johnson, for Rexburg City Council (incumbent):

1.Why are you running?

I’m running for re-election to the Rexburg city council. When I ran four years ago, I knew I felt passionate about some things that affect our community. During the four years I’ve served, I have come to realize I care about all of the decisions made that impact the community. I care about our first responders and have loved the opportunity to support our police and fire departments. I care deeply about land use issues and preserving neighborhoods where families can have stability and space for children to play and thrive. I believe in planning for and building infrastructure that provides for residents’ needs without compromising safety. I love having the ability to effect change even in small ways. I really appreciate knowing that I don’t have to come up with all the solutions myself- our city is filled with residents with great ideas that contribute to solutions.

2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city? 3. How woud you address those issues?

I think land use issues and maintaining adequate infrastructure are two big challenges for a city like ours that is still developing. With input from residents, plans for the future can and should be updated. Snow removal and road maintenance are other issues that can still be improved. Another challenge is to make sure that residents feel heard by their elected officials and by city staff. I feel strongly about continuing to try and improve that process.

4. What is your governing philosophy (e.g., generating more tax revenue for better services, or keeping taxes low and government small)?

 I believe the city should spend only what it can afford to spend, have a more transparent contract bidding for building contractors, and generate more city funding by being more small business friendly. This would create more employment as well. 

5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking?

I am the only incumbent running, so I have been learning for four years about this job, and I’m willing to continue learning and trying to improve! I am also the only woman running, and if re-elected would be the only woman on the council. I believe we should have the voices of both men and women working together. I am a mother still raising my children and so I can bring a perspective in that regard that none of the other candidates can bring.