NewsTalk 107.9 invited members of local city races to answer a questions about their platform. Candidiates were also invited to submit an optional stump speech video, which link will appear under the candidate’s name  if they submitted one.  This post is updated as more candidate submit their answers.


Sean Crystal, for Ammon City Council seat 1:

video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mjSPEHxQPh-FEeaLWOjczE4giS8jw1_0/view?usp=drive_web

1.Why are you running?
I’m running for Ammon City Council because I deeply care about the direction our community is heading. Ammon is at a pivotal point, growing rapidly, and it’s crucial that we navigate this growth wisely. My aim is to strike a balance between preserving the unique charm of Ammon and embracing the exciting opportunities that come with expansion.
I envision a future where our development is sustainable and thoughtful, where our infrastructure meets the demands of growth without compromising on quality. I want to see our roads improved, our public spaces enhanced, and our community’s character preserved. It’s about creating a place where families thrive, businesses flourish, and residents feel heard and represented.
I’m passionate about bringing a fresh perspective to the council, one that combines a deep respect for our city’s heritage with an enthusiastic embrace of its potential. I believe in engaging with the community, listening to your concerns, and working collaboratively to find solutions that benefit us all. Together, we can shape a future for Ammon that we can all be proud of.
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city? 
Ammon is at a pivotal point in its growth, facing challenges that require careful consideration and strategic planning. The city is experiencing significant growth, and while this brings opportunities, it also demands a balance between embracing new developments and preserving the small-town charm that defines our community. Managing this growth in a way that benefits both existing and new residents is crucial.
Equally important is the need to upgrade our infrastructure and public services. As our population increases, so does the strain on our roads, utilities, and other essential services. These need not just expansion but strategic improvements to meet current demands and future growth. This includes investing wisely to ensure our infrastructure is not only sufficient for today but also scalable for tomorrow.
Another key issue is maintaining our community identity and engagement. As Ammon grows, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging active participation from all residents becomes more important. This means supporting local businesses, ensuring development aligns with our community values, and making sure everyone feels heard and valued. My approach is rooted in open communication, collaborative problem-solving, and a commitment to the well-being of our community. By working together, we can guide Ammon towards a future that reflects our shared aspirations and values.
3. How woud you address those issues?
Addressing Ammon’s challenges requires a hands-on approach, focusing on practical solutions that resonate with our community’s needs. For managing growth, I propose a detailed urban plan that balances residential and commercial development while preserving our city’s unique character. This includes working with developers to ensure new projects align with our vision, emphasizing sustainable and community-friendly designs.
In terms of infrastructure, I advocate for immediate investment in road improvements and utility upgrades, ensuring they are equipped to handle our growing population. This involves not only expanding existing facilities but also incorporating innovative technologies for long-term sustainability.
Furthermore, to enhance community engagement, I plan to establish more interactive platforms for residents to voice their concerns and ideas, ensuring their active participation in shaping the city’s future. By implementing these solutions, we can tackle Ammon’s pressing issues effectively, ensuring a balanced and prosperous growth for our community
4. What is your governing philosophy (e.g., generating more tax revenue for better services, or keeping taxes low and government small)?
My governing philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief in small government and the importance of maintaining a lean, efficient municipal operation. I am committed to ensuring that our city government is focused, responsive, and does not overstep its bounds, while still providing the essential services that our community relies on.
I understand the necessity of fair and representative taxation, recognizing that it is crucial for funding vital city services and infrastructure. However, I am also a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and transparency, ensuring that every tax dollar is spent wisely and effectively. My approach involves a careful evaluation of our city’s budget, cutting unnecessary expenses, and optimizing resource allocation to avoid any undue financial burden on our residents.
In summary, my philosophy is to keep government small and efficient, to be judicious and transparent in our use of tax revenues, and to always prioritize the needs and well-being of our community in every decision we make. This balanced approach is key to fostering a thriving, prosperous Ammon, where residents feel their voices are heard and their contributions are valued.
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking?
What distinguishes me from my opponents is my unique combination of youthful energy and a profound understanding of both traditional values and contemporary challenges. My experience in e-commerce and digital spaces equips me with a fresh, adaptable perspective, crucial in today’s dynamic environment. I’m a natural problem-solver, always seeking innovative yet practical solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
My approach is pragmatic, focusing on achieving high-quality results in the most cost-effective manner. This mindset is vital for effective governance, particularly in a city like Ammon that is experiencing growth and change. I prioritize solutions that are sustainable and forward-thinking, ensuring they are beneficial not just today, but for the future of our community.
My commitment to Ammon goes beyond just holding an office. I am driven by a sincere desire to contribute positively to our community. While I have a healthy skepticism about certain aspects of technology, I believe in leveraging the right tools and innovations to improve our city’s management and services. My goal is to bring a balanced, thoughtful, and proactive approach to the Ammon City Council, striving to create a thriving, well-managed city that serves the interests of all its residents.


Debra Clapp, for Ammon City Council Candidate Seat 3:
1. Why are you running? 
I think it is time for a change in the city government. I have lived in Ammon for 50 years and feel I have a good grasp on the changes that are needed and I would like to be the person that helps change come.
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city? 
The biggest issues facing our city include rampant growth without responsible systems in place to ensure the quality of life in our city.
3. How would you address the above issues?
I would like to hold developers accountable for also addressing concerns about the impact of their growth. Specifically, I would like to implement systems that would keep our roads and bridges safe and up to date with the increased traffic, ensure that parks and green spaces are incorporated into city and neighborhood planning, guarantee that the infrastructure is considered when new developments are approved and maintain a focus on the impact that new developments have on the citizens of Ammon and our schools.
4. What is your governing philosophy? 
My governing philosophy is to keep taxes low and the government small and accountable to the citizens of Ammon.
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking? 
I have experience applying for grants to improve our city. I have also served on the planning and zoning committee for 3 years. I have attended every city council meeting and planning and zoning meeting in 2023 to ensure my understanding of the current and future needs of Ammon and the residents that live there.


Jeff Fullmer, for Ammon City Council Candidate Seat 3:
1. Why are you running?
I’m seeking political office because I believe in the power of community and its ability tocreate positive change. When my family and I moved to the Tiebreaker neighborhoodnearly 17 years ago, I longed for the close-knit community I experienced in my youth inMackay, Idaho. While Ammon was initially different, I’ve witnessed a shift in recent years toward a more communal spirit, and I’m eager to contribute to this transformation and help fulfill the Comprehensive Plan with a vision to help carry our city through the year 2040.
The encouragement I’ve received, including the endorsement of retiring City Councilman Rex Thompson of seat #3, has inspired me to step forward. Living in the most densely populated square mile of Ammon has provided me with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities our community faces. I realized my voice is vital to not only my neighborhood but all of Ammon.
With the unwavering support of my family, friends, and neighbors, I’m running for citycouncil with a primary focus on being a dedicated voice for the people. My political platform is centered on nurturing our sense of community, actively listening to the concerns of our citizens, and ensuring that they are well-informed about the decisions that impact their lives. I believe that by fostering a stronger community bond and promoting transparency in local governance, we can create a better future for Ammon.
2.What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city?
The primary issues in our city are related to growth and development. To become better educated on these issues I have been meeting with citizens in their homes, several city department heads, the City Administrator, and the Bonneville County Sheriff to identify priorities and issues. Everywhere I turn I hear “funding” as the main issue. The key areas that are either a large portion of the budget or require increased funding are roads, the police contract, and our parks. The overarching issue around all these priorities is communication.
Roads: The top priority is improving our roads, which need a significant budget increase.
Policing: Our police contract and relationship with the Sheriff’s Department is vital to our safety and well-being.
Parks: Adequate funding for parks is necessary for community well-being and recreation.
Having parks/greenspace and walking paths helps the identity of the community grow. As community events of all types take place, they not only help provide activities for the citizens but help us grow together as a community.
Communication: It’s important to note that the overarching issue with many city matters is the perceived concerns surrounding them. A significant challenge lies in the lack of clarity and understanding, leading to confusion among our residents and a lack of proper feedback to the city departments and elected officials.
3. How would you address the above issues?
Roads: I propose increasing developer contributions even further to ensure they cover the impact of their projects on our infrastructure. Other solutions will need to be explored as the road budget is not funded by property taxes but from stagnant state-funded revenues. Some of these solutions include state or federal grant funding and evaluating the possibility of establishing a road district with other surrounding public entities.
Policing: Maintaining a mutually beneficial police contract with Bonneville County is
critical for our community. The annual cost to operate our own Ammon police department would more than double the almost $2 million expense we have now. Continuing to look for creative ways to make this contract beneficial to Ammon is vital to keeping our budget on track.
Parks: I suggest continuing efforts to boost developer contributions to support park
development and maintenance. We should also seek state and federal grants and private
donations to help grow our parks and paths. This is something very important to our
community and me personally. As a founding board member of the non-profit Snake River Trail Alliance, I am committed to creating outdoor access and recreation of all types. I have met with state public land manager agencies and written letters of support for projects/improvements near Ammon and the surrounding areas.
Communication: Communication between cities and the public is always a challenge. With a college degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies, public and private discourse has always been important to me. I aim to bridge the gap between local government and the public, aligning expectations and representing perceptions accurately in both directions. Clear communication and mutual understanding are paramount. While the city has made progress, there’s room for improvement. My plan, already in motion, involves simplifying and disseminating information to the public, explaining not just what is happening but why. Understanding the “why” is crucial to overcoming community concerns. Once we’ve tackled the “why”, we can collaborate on community-driven solutions. Conversations with department heads and elected officials in the City have revealed considerable alignment with citizen concerns, even if this alignment isn’t always apparent to everyone. I’ve initiated efforts to manage expectations and improve communication, and I’m committed to expanding these efforts if elected to Seat #3 on the city council. Right now, I am meeting with citizens in their homes, over social media, and email. I have established a Facebook page and am sharing my City Council meeting notes on the page @Jeff4Ammon along with interacting with community groups and answering questions. I have also built an online form to obtain feedback from community members. Finally, I have held “Walk and Talk Wednesday” events at McCowin Park where the public can show up and discuss issues while enjoying one of our city parks.
By promoting transparency and enhancing understanding, we can address growth and development challenges effectively, working toward a brighter united vision for the future of our community.
4.What is your governing philosophy (e.g. generating more tax revenue for better services, or keeping taxes low and government small)?
My main governing philosophy is to act as a voice for the people of Ammon. That is my top priority, not bringing my own agenda or political ideologies to the nonpartisan table for City Council. Being open to input from ALL my constituents, being willing to go to trusted experts for counsel, and my ability to work with others on committees and boards are where I naturally excel. I take being fiscally responsible very seriously. With my background in accounting, finance, and meeting budget goals, I will be able to benefit our city by being in seat #3.
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking?
What sets me apart from my opponents is my extensive track record in community building and fiscal responsibility. Over a decade ago, I grew disheartened with divisive politics and decided to focus on uniting communities. Since 2008, I’ve actively worked towards this goal. I helped found the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Network, where I learned the importance of fostering connections among individuals. In2015, I created the Idaho Falls Trail Runners, which has now united over 2,500 members in regular runs throughout SE Idaho. Additionally, I helped establish the Palisades Ultra Trail Series, and annually attract participants from nearly 30 states and several countries, promoting goal achievement and relationships.
In 2023, I helped found the Snake River Trail Alliance, emphasizing the significance of recreational access for all. In Ammon, I’ve dedicated my time to mentoring youth through programs like Bot Scouts, demonstrating my commitment to the community’s future. I’ve also supported vital non-profits like Camp Hayden, Idaho Ag Fest, and Coming Home Incorporated, through my involvement and donations.
My background isn’t just limited to community initiatives; I have also proven my ability to manage significant funds in the 10’s of millions responsibly. I have been a prudent steward of resources in both my personal and professional life, honing my expertise in managing funds effectively. I also have a background in seeking and supporting software and technology improvements, which is crucial in a world with exponential technological growth.
Beyond my experiences, my deep-rooted passion lies in seeing Ammon thrive. I envision a vibrant community-driven future for our city, and I am dedicated to being a leading force behind the community’s vision with the Comprehensive Plan and working toward 2040. My unique combination of community-building efforts, fiscal responsibility, and unwavering commitment makes me the most qualified candidate for City Council Seat #3.


Kris Oswald, for Ammon City Council seat 4:
1.Why are you running?
I am running for city council because I believe every voice needs to be heard. I want to be the voice that represents my community and helps to bring positive change. Through community engagement, we can shape policies that benefit us all. I am deeply committed to ensuring that our city has the necessary infrastructure in place to support education and transportation before we allow further growth. We must prioritize these foundations of our community.
Ammon is not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. I am dedicated to preserving our city’s charm while also advocating for investments in infrastructure, parks, public safety and other initiatives that keep Ammon an exceptional place for families to live.
Please reach out to me on Facebook at Kris Oswald for Ammon City Council. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions for our city. Ammon has been my home for almost three decades, and I am deeply invested in its future.
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city? 
The biggest issue facing our community is the excessive growth. As part of the W.I.S.E. growth initiative (which stands for Water, Infrastructure, Safety, and Education), myself and other community members began highlighting the pressing need to address these improvements before any future development takes place. I have attended and spoken at numerous Planning & Zoning meetings, along with city council meetings.
3. How woud you address those issues?
To address these issues, I am fully committed to taking the following actions: I will advocate for increased investment in infrastructure, prioritizing road repairs and expansions. This includes addressing potholes promptly and ensuring our roads are wide enough to accommodate our growing community’s needs. I will work to implement a sustainable growth strategy. This involves carefully evaluating the impact of new developments on our water resources, sewer systems, and educational facilities. I will be a strong advocate for ensuring that these essential elements are in place before allowing further growth. I will advocate for responsible and thoughtful development that aligns with the needs and values of our residents. The residents of Ammon deserve better than the excessive growth seen in recent years!
4. What is your governing philosophy (e.g., generating more tax revenue for better services, or keeping taxes low and government small)?
My governing philosophy is for limited government and lower taxes. The city council sets the vision for the city and adopts principles and goals to reflect that vision and guide decision-making at all levels of city government. The goal should be to always put the people first. We must prioritize the long-term well being of our residents over the short-sighted focus of growing the tax base.
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking?
The City of Ammon needs good men and women to bring ideas and solutions to our community. I have decades of experience that qualify me to serve on the city council. My husband & I have raised 5 children here in Ammon over the last 27 years. I’ve spent that time volunteering for schools, church groups & numerous community events. We now have 5 of our 10 grandchildren living here, making Ammon important to multiple generations of my family. We have lived in three different neighborhoods in Ammon over the years, where we have made wonderful memories and lifelong friendships that we cherish.
My husband and I moved our business from Idaho Falls to Ammon almost 20 years ago. It was the best decision we made! We love living, working and playing here in Ammon. I love this city and the life my family has created here. I want to ‘Pay it Forward’ and give my time to preserving the Ammon quality of life for all families in our community. Because this is Ammon… Our Town. Our Future.


George VanderMeer, for Ammon City Council Seat 4:
1. Why are you running?
I am currently on the Ammon City Council, seat #4. I was appointed by Mayor Sean Coletti in Feb. 2022 to fill a vacant position. The mayor received 29 total applicants and he chose me for city council position. I enjoy working the other council members, city administration and the mayor in making decisions for the good people of Ammon. With my background in insurance and risk management I work well with others in budget matters for the city. I am running for election on a 2 year term for Seat #4 to do my part as a responsible citizen being involved in city government. With a position in city council it does take a bit of time to learn the ropes of the job. I want to continue with the process and help the city in decisions that affect the residents; I feel with my past experience with the council and 20+ years in business as well as my relationship with Bonneville County Sheriff office as a 15 year volunteer as Reserve Deputy and Search and Rescue show willingness to serve others
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city?
Growth, roads and bridges, parks.
3. How would you address the above issues?
Growth is certainly an important issue for Ammon. Everyone wants to move to Ammon, Idaho. Who can blame them. As a city council member we have to regulate growth of residential with commercial balance as well as parks in compliance of the cities comprehensive plan.
Road and Bridges – many of our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair. Good news for some of these it that beginning this spring Ammon will be replacing first street from Hitt Road to Ammon road to 5 lanes including one bridge east of Hitt Road. This project will be complete with help from a couple grants and BMPO. Growth can be control at council along with planning and zoning contribution. The problem we have in Ammon it that the county does not have the same set of regulations when it comes to growth. The is a new agreement coming with the county commissioners that will give the city first right to review potential subdivisions within our area of impact. This is great news for the city of Ammon. As we know all those residents that live outside of Ammon city limits do come into Ammon on daily basis to work and shop. Ammon currently has the 4th lowest property tax rate in the state of Idaho. At some point the council may need to look into a short term tax to bring in additional funding to fund the street department and help make needed improvement
Our Parks are very important to the residents and we will need to allocate funds to make parks and recreation a priority and look into funding of a new city pool which could cost $3-5 million if we look at a year round pool access. Over 30 years the cost per resident would acceptable to the citizens of Ammon.
4. What is your governing philosophy?
I work well with others. I listen more than I speak and make decisions based on facts in evidence in accordance with issues and base my votes along the lines of the comprehensive plan. If an issue comes up that makes us think again about how the plan regulates our decision then I am willing to make revisions to the plan for the betterment of the city and its residents
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the position you are seeking?
I have 2 opponents this election that both are very nice people. My entire life I have given my time and effort in helping others. I grew up on dairy farm in Jerome and learned the value of hard work at a young age. In high school I went to school for half days and then went home and mike 300 cows every afternoon. When I graduated high school I got to milk them 2 times a day. In the next Ten years I got married, had 3 children and then I thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and ended up in the Insurance business. I found out that was not easy but I worked hard and was able to provide for my family. Years later I started my own agency and operated it for 20 years before merging with Archibald Insurance here in Idaho Falls / Rexburg. During these years I donated 200-300 hours to volunteer for the county and other civic organizations. My wife Tina also volunteered as executive director of Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre. Giving is just a part of our lives. I share this experience with you to show that I am not a quitter. The harder you work the luckier you get.


Heidi Boyle, for Ammon City Council Seat 5:
1. Why are you running?
I am running for the Ammon City Council (SEAT #5) because I firmly believe in the role of a City Council member as the guardian of our citizens’ interests—a true “watchman on the tower.” It is my duty to protect our community’s well being and foster a productive and safe environment. As I now hold a seat at the council table, my foremost commitment is to ensure that every person who enters those council chambers feels not only heard but also validated in their concerns and opinions. Collaboration is the cornerstone of progress, and I am committed to working closely with our residents, local businesses, and dedicated city staff. Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone. I’m running because I want to hear your ideas and solutions. Our community is diverse and creative, and I’m here to represent all of Ammon and work on policies that make Ammon better. I am your neighbor, your voice. That’s why I’m running for City Council.
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city?
The most pressing challenges confronting our community are marked by unprecedented growth and development alongside a critical lack of infrastructure. I’ve witnessed this region transform from a quiet area into a bustling city, where simple four-way stops have evolved into intersections with traffic lights or roundabouts. Farmlands have given way to residential neighborhoods, and new schools have risen in response to our expanding population. While these changes initially occurred gradually, the pace has accelerated in recent years, unmistakably altering the character of our city. We need to improve roads, have development pay for development, and adhere to our Comprehensive Plan.
3. How would you address the above issues?
To address these challenges, my commitment is unwavering—to ensure that the principles outlined in our Ammon Comprehensive Plan are not just words on paper but a blueprint guiding our city’s future. We must prioritize WISE growth in Ammon, which stands for Water, Infrastructure, Safety, and Education. I’ll ensure that these aspects are carefully considered with each new development to ensure responsible growth that covers its own costs. Additionally, I’ll work on enhancing communication between the City of Ammon, Bonneville County, and Bonneville Joint School District #93. Improved communication, particularly regarding growth and development, can save everyone time and money
4. What is your governing philosophy?I am committed to responsible budgeting and financial stewardship. We work hard to balance our budget by considering community needs, listening to residents, and making cuts that won’t hurt essential services. The City of Ammon staff does an excellent job of managing our finances, always looking for ways to save. Our budget has to be balanced and we spend a large portion of our time as council members reviewing budgets and operating costs. I will continue to carefully consider each and every financial decision and make sure that our tax money is being spent wisely. I will support applying for grants that better our parks, improve streets, and create community connectivity. I believe larger projects such as, a possible aquatics center would need to be decided on by our community. I have learned this past year that city government has a lot of rules and regulations. However, I am not afraid to ask “why” and “how” and most importantly, will this benefit the citizens of Ammon?  5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the posistion you are seeking?
My personal, professional, and volunteer experience qualifies me to retain my seat in the Ammon City Council. I have been an active community member in Ammon for 16 years. I am a wife and mother of four children, all who have engaged in educational and extracurricular activities within our city. I have witnessed first hand the power of volunteerism and know that we live in a great place because so many in our community are willing to serve each other. I have coached softball and soccer teams and directed elementary school musicals alongside amazing community members. I was a founding member of the Ammon Arts and have participated in city events and activities. My professional background as an Occupational Therapist has prepared me to evaluate the City of Ammon’s current function, identify deficits, and create a plan of action with graded and attainable goals. I have been active in my role as the newest council member this past year. I will continue to educate myself concerning Planning and Zoning, the Ammon Comprehensive Plan, and be prepared for each and every council meeting. I am committed to serving the City of Ammon and maintaining the values outlined on our city seal- family, faith, endurance, growth, and community


Nolan Wheeler, Ammon City Council Seat 5:

Video: https://youtu.be/qHYnllawcxI

1. Why are you running?
I was born and raised in Ammon until I joined the U.S. Navy. When I returned to Ammon four years ago after being away for seventeen years, I noticed that the population had grown almost three times what it is was when I left. In addition to growth, I noticed other issues that were a concern to me and other citizens of Ammon. As I discussed these issues, I thought it was time for me to get involved in helping to correct them. So, with elections coming up, I decided to get involved by running for city council. This seemed like the best way for me to help the city and give back to this community that has been a part of most of my life. I want to be a voice to all the great citizens in Ammon and be a part of Ammon’s great future.
2. What do you think are the biggest issues facing your city?
I think the biggest issue facing Ammon is its infrastructure. If you drive down many of the roads in Ammon, you will notice that a lot of them such as Central Ave., Western Ave., and some other older roads need some major repairs. Some of Ammon’s older citizens mentioned that fifteen years ago the city promised to update Central Ave. which is located east of Ammon Elementary. Obviously, this has not happened.
Also included with infrastructure is wastewater, water, and sanitation. With the population of Ammon growing so fast, this is where the City Council needs to focus and prioritize what needs to be done. The council needs to listen to Ammon’s citizens’ concerns and ideas.
Ammon is the 15th biggest city in Idaho out of 235. Yes, Ammon has more population than Blackfoot, Burley, and Mountain Home to name just a few. Another issue to consider is why Ammon does not have its own police force. As these issues are considered, we can all work together to make Ammon great.
3. How would you address the above issues?
The Ammon City building is being updated with a budget of 3 million dollars but was then changed to 2.5 million. I don’t think this is a current necessity for Ammon and that we could use that money to help address the infrastructure concerns mentioned above. After improving the infrastructure, other issues to be considered could be the enclosed swimming pool that many Ammon citizens are wanting.
As growth increases, traffic is only going to get worse. In a city council meeting on October 12th, I mentioned the need for an Ammon police force and was informed that it would cost $5 million to get it started and then 3 million to maintain a police force. I think we can work together as a City Council and find a better and more cost-effective way for Ammon to have its own police force instead of just relying on the Bonneville Sheriff’s department.
4. What is your governing philosophy?
I think the way to best help the citizens right now is to keep taxes low and the government small. I always enjoy hearing and quoting Ronald Reagan “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”. Also, another quote I like is that “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives”. With these quotes I agree that the government is to work for the people not the people work for the government. It seems to me that this has been lost with a lot of elected officials and I would like to make a promise to the citizens of Ammon that I will promote their needs and desires. If I am elected, I will remember that I was elected by the people, and I will work for the people in every decision I make as part of the City of Ammon City Council.
5. What sets you apart from your opponents and what do you believe makes you most qualified for the posistion you are seeking?
What sets me apart from my opponent is that I grew up in Ammon. I enjoy seeing my sons go to the same school I went to. It is amazing to go with my kids to their schools and remember the wonderful teachers I had back when I was in school. They have teachers who are doing outstanding jobs. Also, with a criminal justice degree I know I can be an asset and have a major role in bringing a police force to Ammon. Being in the U.S. Navy I have learned so much by traveling and visiting other countries and different cultures. In addition, I learned is how to be part of a team and listen to everyone’s opinions and ideas. Each one of us have a different background and have different solutions to correct current situations we are facing. The saying goes two heads are better than one and four heads are better than two. After the election, I know the new City Council members will be able to sit down together and focus on goal setting for the city. I feel these goal should be posted on the Ammon City website so the citizens can see them. They should also be posted in the City Hall building. I know for me it works to have your goals posted because you are more likely to achieve them if you can see them often.